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A simple home lift addition to your Canberra home, can save you thousands of dollars in downsizing or selling the family Home. It really is, in home mobility made easy. Great Service, superior products and high quality workmanship make Quality home lifts leaders in the home lift industry.

Quality home lift solutions, installation and repair

Whatever your space, whether centrally mounted, corner mounted, multi-storey or integrated into an existing staircase, just sit back relax and let us do the heavy lifting.

Small Residential Lifts

With the right small residential lift, you can keep a secure, safe, and independent lifestyle much longer, without the inconvenience or risk of having to haul heavy weights from floor to floor.

Let us explore the different small residential lifts varieties and discover everything you need to know about small residential lifts before buying one for your home.

Home Lifts – Freedom of movement in your own home!

Residential lifts enable you to freely access all the floors in your house in style and comfort. Anybody who’s having issues going up and down the stairs due to aging, poor health, or physical disability could easily benefit from a home lift installation.

There are several factors that could affect the cost of a residential lift installation.







New and Existing Homes

Our Iconic Lift is wheelchair friendly and has many fans across Sydney with large clear vision panels and single touch internal controls.

The smaller of our two main lifts, this one needs no pit, shaft or wall attachment. Highly customisable, the Compass Lift offers the ultimate in versatility and style, with a range of finishes and colours.

Internal and External lifts

Commercial lifts do their job – and that’s about it. The lifts installed by Quality Home Lifts are ‘above and beyond’.

The visual appeal of our lifts combined with the obvious practical applications make them a genuine enhancement to your home. The fit, finish and touch points of our lifts ooze class.


Compact Lifts can add value to home

Your home becomes an opportunity for a vastly wider audience of potential buyers. Quality home lifts are quickly becoming a ‘must have’ item for home buyers, especially in Sydney. Even if you or your loved ones don’t have mobility issues then an home lift sells itself simply on convenience, safety and security.

Improve your quality of life!

Your house is your castle. You’ve worked long and hard to be where you are. You deserve to stay where you belong – in your home. A lifetime of toil and struggle does not deserve the reward of being restricted in your own home for what should be the best years of your life. Many of our customers have a fear of their stairs or have had nasty falls resulting in significant injuries. Small house lifts provide you and your loved ones – even pets – the opportunity to live safely. Home lifts give you the peace of mind and freedom to live the life you deserve.


You’re dealing with professional compact lift installers. From inception to completion, Quality Home Lifts cater to your needs to ensure the lifts are safe, reliable and look great.

A variety of internal lift installation solutions

Our experience in planning and installation allows you to explore a wider variety of installation solutions.

Australian Owned and Operated

Proudly Australian made and operated. Quality Home Lifts provides high quality Home lift installation, service and repairs.

Mobility – Which lift is best for you!

We have a range of lifts that suit most houses and can even been customised to your dwelling, inside and out.

Style and practicality

Commercial lifts do their job – and that’s about it. The lifts installed by Quality Home Lifts are ‘above and beyond’. The visual appeal of our lifts combined with the obvious practical applications make them a genuine enhancement to your home. The fit, finish and touch points of our lifts ooze class.

Are home lifts convenient

Struggled up the stairs with the groceries lately? Been nervous walking up external stairs late at night? Had trouble physically leaving the house due to a long- or short-term disability? Is part of your house neglected because it’s too hard to access? Ever thought it’s all just too hard and can’t be bothered? Quality Home Lifts Sydney solve all of these problems and more. You’ll wonder how you ever coped without one.

We’ll look after you; now and in the future!

We pride ourselves on our after sales service and support. Our maintenance program ensures your lift is compliant and trouble free well into the future.


Quality Home Lifts was great to work with during our recent home renovation. They were able to quickly and easily install a top-of-the-line home lift system that has made our lives much easier. The quality of their work is impeccable and we couldn’t be happier with the results. We would highly recommend Quality Home Lifts to anyone looking for a quality home lift system. Thank you.

“Our decision to go down the route to install an in home lift was a significant one for us as homeowners; it was a process that spanned over several months. We searched websites and inspected other in home lifts across Sydney. It ended up being an easy choice to go with Quality Home Lifts as they were the company we felt comfortable with right away. I sincerely would like to thank all the employees and service personnel for such a professional experience on our job in Mosman. We are grateful for the ease in which you handled the process through to installation and then the follow up call was much appreciated. We would definitely recommend Quality Home Lifts to anyone contemplating the addition of an in home lift in their home.”


Our home is our pride and joy and after many years of hard work, my husband and I were excited to enjoy it well into our retirement. Unfortunately, a car accident meant that I am limited in my ability to navigate stairs. Our home has three different flights of stairs and I was devastated at the thought of moving. We looked at a number of options before settling on the idea of installing a lift. The team at Quality Home Lifts came on board and from the start of the project to the end, their service was personal and seamless.  The professional team that installed were competent and ever so careful. There was not a mark, let alone a scratch left on the surrounding walls or floors. My lift fits into my beautiful home, beautifully! “

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