Quality home lifts add value to your home

Home lifts in Sydney – an ageing population

These statistics represent a paradigm shift in the Australian property market – especially in dense urban areas like Sydney.  The proportion of the aging population that seek out urban areas that are close to medical assistance, retail outlets and recreational opportunities increases dramatically.  Open up your property to this burgeoning market – install an in home lift in Sydney with Quality Home Lifts.

Beyond the appeal of your property to the increasing aging population, in home lifts offer so much to a busy young family.  Shopping, luggage, prams, cumbersome exercise equipment and so much more are moved easily and safely throughout the home.  These are daily chores that are made almost effortless with an in home lift.  Quality Home Lifts, based in Sydney, tailor solutions to the needs of the young family.

In home lifts give any home a sense of class, style and opulence.  Beyond their incredible array of functional applications, in home lifts are an elegant upgrade to your home.  With our wide range of sizes, finishes and installation options, Quality Home Lifts can tailor a lift to exceed your expectations.  Friends, family and importantly, potential buyers, will be bowled over by your sophisticated in home lift.   

Call Quality Home Lifts Sydney today to arrange an on-site consultation. It could very well be the very best renovation you can get for your house.

A home lift can Improve your quality of life

In-home lifts are more than just convenient, more than just a showpiece in your home, more than a monetary asset – they let you live the life you deserve.  Assisted living in what looks like a cardboard cut-out residence should not be your only option.  Live in your home longer, in the dream you built. Quality Home Lifts let you stay where you belong.   

Think about how many times you’ve walked up and down your stairs this week, this month, this year.  Have you put off a chore or missed an event because getting there was just too hard?  Have you shifted responsibility to someone else because you simply can’t move like you used to?   Is your home too difficult to access for loved ones?  Do you struggle with cots, prams or beds?  Are you looking at a lengthy post-operative rehabilitation?  If you’ve answered yes to any of these, your quality of life is being sacrificed by the limitations of your home.  Installing an in home lift will help you live the life you dreamed of.

Mobility – Which lift is best for me?

This is a common question we hear a lot; will a wheelchair fit in this elevator?  The answer is yes!  Both our Iconic and Compass lifts are wheelchair ready.  This means that you’re ready to go and reclaim your whole home.   

Our interiors are customisable, meaning you get the configuration that works for you.  We keep you at the forefront of our minds when designing every lift.  This means that operating panels, communication devices, grab rails and ramps are easy to use, suitable for those who are mobility limited, durable and attractive.  Quality Home Lifts also feature a super silky soft start and stop function, especially important for those managing their rehabilitation from injury or surgery.    

Quality Home Lifts Sydney adhere to Australian Standard AS1735.12 relating to lifts, – Facilities for persons with disabilities.  In addition to this, both our Iconic and Compass lifts are BS5900:2012 compliant relating to safety sensor/edges, self-levelling for uneven floors. This gives you peace of mind knowing you’re installing a high-quality lift that will serve you now and in the future.

Time saving home lifts


Quality Home Liftin Sydney homes benefit those with an active and vibrant lifestyle as well.  An in home lift saves an incredible amount of time in day.  Everything you do in a busy day is benefited by a home lift.  Time spent carrying items, moving items and people is quicker, every day.   

Think about the benefits a properly installed home lift has for our four-legged friends as well.  Your fur babies who aren’t in the prime of their life love our lifts as well.  A mobility disadvantaged pooch deserves to spend their time with you, their family, not be limited to the downstairs area because, after years of protecting your home and loving your kids, they can no longer navigate the stairs.  Quality Home Lifts can assist everyone in your house and all of your family and friends.   

Call In Home Lifts Sydney today to find out how the quality of life for you, your loved ones and your animals can be improved dramatically.

Home lift capacity


We’re often asked, what is the maximum weight limit of our in home lifts? Quality Home Lifts have got you covered.  Our Compass lift has a 290kg maximum weight limit and our Iconic has a 255kg limit with the option to extend this to an impressive 300kg.  These limits place us at the forefront of in home lifts.  Why bother with a clunky outdated electric chair lift when you can opt for a more convenient option with so many more uses? 

It’s a new world – get an in home lift from Quality Home Lifts Sydney and future proof your home today.  We have a team of experienced consultants ready to answer your in home lift questions.  At Quality Home Lifts we will give you a high quality, fashionable and reliable lift that meets and exceeds your expectations.  Wheelchair users and the mobility challenged will have their lives transformed.  Start your new life and your new home with Quality Home Lifts Sydney today.

Discover more benefits of engaging Quality Home Lifts to install an in home lift in your Sydney home, click here.

Style and Practicality

Your style becomes our style at Quality Home Lifts.  No two customers are the same, no two décor are the same and no two installs are the same.  All across Sydney we’ve made our lifts seamlessly integrate into the style and décor of an incredibly wide variety of homes.   

So many options!  Quality Home Lifts Sydney let you control the end product.  Check out the raft of customisable options you have: 

  • Use the existing door style you have in your house with our Compass lift.  When we say seamless integration – we mean it. 
  • Variable LED lighting – even mood lighting 
  • A plethora of colour options – think of a colour and we can make it happen. This can be used on internal and external panels. 
  • Multiple car sizes available to suit your home.  
  • Internal rails can be customised in location and finish. 
  • Digital interface screens and in car communication systems have a variety of installation options.  
  • Quality Home Lifts Sydney can even sort out a tip up seat if needed.  
  • Life not fast enough?  Our Iconic model has a motor upgrade to get you where you need to be faster. 

These features and many more are waiting for you.  We really work hard to make your lift as beautiful as it is practical.


The team at Quality Home Lifts genuinely believe that we don’t just sell lifts – we sell lifestyles. Our lifts are market leaders when it comes to convenience and liveability. Get in contact with us today and get yourself going!

Are home lifts convenient?

It’s hard to understand the difference an in home lift can make.  The ease with which you’ll move about your house every day will simply be life changing!  Every day becomes easier and safer. Quality Home Lifts Sydney is proud of the positive change we bring to our customers.  Check the comments and reviews from our customers as a testament to the real difference we make.  Get an in home lift from Quality Home Lifts and you’ll never look back.

Iconic Home lift

Our Iconic lift has some nifty features you’ll love.  Beyond the incredibly quiet and smooth ride, the Iconic has an Intelligent Logic Diagnostic Display.  This 7 inch digital interface provides you with not only travel options but gives you valuable lift diagnostic information to determine and fix any faults either at home or over the phone.  Coupled with this are external and wireless controls. You also choose between three car sizes and two height options. Add to this the mandatory in car communication system and you’re on a winner. Now that’s convenient!  

Compass home lift

At Quality Home Lifts Sydney, we’re so delighted with our Compass lift because it meets the needs of so many of our customers.  The roped drum, gear braked motor drive of this unit means you have a through car option.  This means you can have doors that open and close on alternate sides of the car.  In addition to this, the Compass has a three-stop option – imagine going from your garage, up to the living area and further up to the sleeping quarters!  The key lockable feature of the Compass also means your house stays safe and those pesky grandkids stay out of your lift!

Home lifts that don’t take up the whole living room.

All of our lifts have a very small footprint to maximise your living space.  Whether you go for the traction drive Iconic or the more traditional roped, gear braked motor drive of the Compass, you’ll get a design that has minimal impact on your day to day living space.

A home lift without needing the structural shafts

Our lifts can be installed without the need for a structural lift shaft – this means that installation time is usually two days.  Add to this the shallow pit depth of our units and your lift maximises both style and practicality.   

A Quality Home Lift means that you’ll have a number of safety features as standard.  All lifts have in car communication, digital user interfaces and emergency lowering features.  Your lift is yours and you deserve to feel safe and secure every time you travel.

If you’re in Sydney and need a lift that is stylish and practical then Quality Home Lifts Sydney are your answer. We have an eager and experienced team ready to talk anything ‘in home lifts’. Call us today to find out how we can change your lifestyle!