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Compact home lifts can add value to your Sydney home

Quality Home Lifts believe that you, the customer, are our number one priority.  Your satisfaction is our satisfaction.  We know that your lift must be reliable, we know that your lift must be aesthetically pleasing and we know that your lift must be user friendly.  Years of designing, fabricating and installing give you the confidence that only Quality Home Lifts can offer.

When it comes to residential lifts Sydney share the same passion and desire to give our customers the best products and service on the market.  Our administrative, design and install teams are committed to ensuring the entire experience – from your very first phone call or ein mail through to the finished lift and after sales support – is a pleasurable experience.   Countless testimonials verify that our vision is our reality.

Australian Home Lift Installation Standards Compliant

When it comes to residential lifts Sydney installation you need an installer that meets or exceeds the Australian Standards?  We are compliant with the relevant AS 4431 and EN81-20/21 standards that govern our industry.  This is the basis of all of our work and we pride ourselves on the quality of our products and service.  Knowing that a Quality Home Lifts provides an exceptional product is the peace of mind that you deserve.

Do you need an in home lift that meets disability compliance in Sydney?  We provide lifts that meet Australian Standard AS1735.12.  Contact our administration team to learn what we can do for you and your loved ones.  Quality Home Lifts, based in Sydney, work to deliver lift solutions to give you the quality of life you deserve.

Call our administration team to discuss your in home lift options. Our team at Quality Home Lifts are available to arrange a meeting to find your quality home lift solution.

We are available to conduct on-site inspections to find practical, safe and attractive possibilities for your new in home lift.

Remember, What You Want is What We Want – A Reliable, Safe and Trouble-free Lift.

A variety of home lift installation solutions

1. Where can I put my in home lift?

Quality Home Lifts Sydney can install your new lift against a flat wall, in a corner space or adjacent to a stairwell with a Juliet balcony. Always popular is installation in your below–house garage or car port – no more lugging groceries up the stairs!

2. How big is an in home lift?

Not as big as you think! Our popular Mirage unit requires just under 1m2 and carries two people. The Iconic unit has a slightly larger cab and comes in a variety of sizes to suit your situation.

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Quality Home Lifts know your questions!

3. What is the difference between a free standing and built in lift?

Free standing lifts operate on two post frames and do not require a shaft. This opens up many possibilities for installation and integration in your home. In addition to this, free standing lifts require less modifications to your existing floor plan.

A built-in lift requires a pre-existing space to be available for installation. Think large pantry, hallway cupboard or ensuite, where a current wall cavity already exists. Built–in lifts are the way to go if you are building a new home.

This all comes down to the floor plan of your house. Call us to arrange an on-site assessment and we’ll get you the lift you need.

4. What are the colour options for my in home lift?

Well, it’s no good if it doesn’t look any good! Quality Home Lifts blend seamlessly with just about any existing colour scheme and style. We powder coat the lift frame and guide rails to colour match your interior. We have a no-cost, cream base colour that works well in a majority of houses. Raw and brushed aluminium are currently very popular also. See our article on how inhomelifts add value to your home.

When it comes to your home lift we’ll look after you – now and in the future.

Choosing Quality Home Lifts is choosing a team for life. We have a dedicated team of professionals to work with you from the initial consultation through installation and after sales support and maintenance.
Like all machines, in home elevators need care and attention. Your lift will be maintained to ensure longevity and, most importantly, continue to be compliant with safety requirements.

1. What are my lift maintenance costs?

An annual check-up for residential lifts Sydney, servicing and a written report will cost you somewhere in the vicinity of $600. This figure is an estimate and will vary depending on a variety of factors including the actual work required, lift type, shaft and drive type, property location and installation location. All work is carried out by our experienced and knowledgeable team.

2. What are the Australian Standards for lift maintenance?

Australian Standard AS 1735.16 states that: Periodic inspection and testing of every installation should be carried out at intervals of no more than one year. Quality Home Lifts Sydney provide you with a simple and hassle-free plan to ensure that your lift is safe and compliant, with all work carried out by our team of professional, trusted and qualified technicians – what more could you want?

In the rare event of a unit failure we are here for you. As fast as humanly possible, one of our team will be on site to right the wrong. At Quality Home Lifts Sydney, we’ve found that the number of call outs for faulty lifts has decreased dramatically in recent years. This is because our lifts have a raft of safety and fail-safe features that nearly eliminate the chance of you or a loved one finding yourself in a considerable spot of bother.

Let Quality Home Lifts answer your residential lifts Sydney questions today!


Quality Home Lifts was great to work with during our recent home renovation. They were able to quickly and easily install a top-of-the-line home lift system that has made our lives much easier. The quality of their work is impeccable and we couldn’t be happier with the results. We would highly recommend Quality Home Lifts to anyone looking for a quality home lift system. Thank you.

“Our decision to go down the route to install an in home lift was a significant one for us as homeowners; it was a process that spanned over several months. We searched websites and inspected other in home lifts across Sydney. It ended up being an easy choice to go with Quality Home Lifts as they were the company we felt comfortable with right away. I sincerely would like to thank all the employees and service personnel for such a professional experience on our job in Mosman. We are grateful for the ease in which you handled the process through to installation and then the follow up call was much appreciated. We would definitely recommend Quality Home Lifts to anyone contemplating the addition of an in home lift in their home.”


Our home is our pride and joy and after many years of hard work, my husband and I were excited to enjoy it well into our retirement. Unfortunately, a car accident meant that I am limited in my ability to navigate stairs. Our home has three different flights of stairs and I was devastated at the thought of moving. We looked at a number of options before settling on the idea of installing a lift. The team at Quality Home Lifts came on board and from the start of the project to the end, their service was personal and seamless.  The professional team that installed were competent and ever so careful. There was not a mark, let alone a scratch left on the surrounding walls or floors. My lift fits into my beautiful home, beautifully! “

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