Home Lift Prices : A Guide for all Homeowners


Residential or home lifts have become increasingly popular over the past decade in multi-storey buildings. The key to having success purchasing and installing an elevator is choosing ones with the right home lift prices, design, and technical specifications to meet the home’s demand.

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Many elderly veterans find themselves stranded on the ground floor of their homes, cut off from upstairs bedrooms or downstairs garages. Unable to manage steps, wheelchair-bound vets often feel isolated when they miss bedtime stories, bath time, and a large part of family life that takes place on the upper floors.

Home lift prices GuideRestriction to a single level could mean having to sell the family home or a premature move to a nursing facility. The introduction of residential elevators, added to an existing or as part of new building plans, removes these problems.

Instead of going to a nursing home, the senior can instead retire in comfort and remain safe yet independent.


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If you are looking for home elevators in Australia, you should know that home lift prices, which were previously reserved for luxury homes, have now gone down substantially so that the average homeowner can now take advantage of them.

A Luxury That Saves Money

Typical home lift prices can add $20,000 to $100,000 to the cost of a building a house. But since an elevator can allow you to build more efficiently, it can save money.

You will save the cost of moving, and of building a new home at future prices. You may recover the cost of the elevator – and then some – at resale. And if the elevator becomes a medical necessity, you may be able to take advantage of tax benefits.

But most important is the benefit of staying in the home where you raised your family; the home you have grown to love; the home with the memories. Is an elevator a luxury? Perhaps, but maybe one you cannot afford to pass up.

The value and cost of a home elevator are two related yet distinct concepts. Cost refers to how much money you will need to spend on it. Value refers to getting the most benefit you can for the money spent.

Once a symbol of the rich and decadent, an elevator in the home is now more feasible for infirm or wounded veterans or seniors.

I can afford the home lift prices and I’ve decided to install, now what do I do?

Home elevators are grouped loosely into four categories based on the number of stops, the entry and exit directions, whether a self-propelled chair is used, the location of load-bearing walls, and other factors.

A trained professional will evaluate your home and recommend the style of the elevator that best suits your needs, budget, and structure.

Home lift prices vary according to the model. Prices for most in-home elevators are comparable to a new mid-sized car, a media room, or an updated kitchen with high-end appliances.

Home elevators are not commonplace (yet!), so finding help for the expense may be necessary. As with most things, preparation is important. Follow these few procedures to get started:

Guide - best home lift pricesDetermine the correct model

Have a home evaluation by a professional and be frank about budgetary restrictions. Consult your doctor or physio/OT for the qualification of your needs.

Find out what information you need

This will depend on where the funding comes from. Gather and organise the information required.

Prepare your statement of need

This will typically mean having written statements from the company supplying and installing the elevator.

A residential elevator might once have been a toy for the rich and decadent. Yet having one can be life-changing for a disabled or infirm veteran or senior.

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A residential elevator might once have been a toy for the rich and decadent. Yet having one can mean the world to a disabled or infirm veteran or senior. It provides independence, feeling part of the family, an end to isolation.

The current and decreasing home lift prices mean that such an elevator is not out of reach. In any event, the cost is far overshadowed by the value it provides to your family and loved ones.

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