What Does a Home Elevator Cost?

If are experiencing mobility issues but you can’t bring yourself to move to a new, single level house, you might find yourself wondering, ‘What does a home elevator cost?’ and ‘Will a lift help me stay in my home for longer?’

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Home lifts can be life changing. And times have changed too. A domestic lift in Australia is no longer just for the super-rich. Thanks to significant technology advancements, home elevator cost can now be afforded by anyone who wishes to a home lift. These days, the machinery needed to control a home lift can be fitted neatly into almost any house, making them much more popular.

Installing a lift provides homeowners with an easy and stylish way of transferring between their house floors. Also, it enables them to ‘future-proof’ their homes with a product that will be useful in later life.

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The costs of installing a home elevator cost can differ greatly depending on the size and style of the lift.

So, What Does a Home Elevator Cost?

The home elevator cost varies depending on the lift company and how they present their quotation. For example, you might receive a through floor lift cost showing the standalone lift unit price, but this could exclude the cost of site preparation or installation work.

Also, home elevator cost can differ greatly depending on the size and style of the lift. How the domestic lift is powered, whether multi-floor access is required, and where you would like the lift to be positioned in your home can also impact the cost of installing a home lift. It is also possible to customize your lift and colour match it with your décor.

You are expected to receive a fully itemized quotation for your home elevator cost, including building work, based on any site survey undertaken.

Does the Home Elevator Cost Include Delivery?

Delivering the lift to your home can be very expensive so if there are any shipping costs involved, look for a company that includes the cost as part of the overall price.

There are several different types of home lifts available on the market, and each requires different levels of groundwork. This can be reflected in the home lift prices.
There are four main types of home lift available: hydraulic, traction, vacuum, and non-hydraulic.

Hydraulic Home Lift Cost

The typical home elevator cost for a basic hydraulic home lift, based on a standard installation, is between $40,000 and $50,000. A hydraulic lift works using a pump that sends hydraulic fluid through to a jack and the lift is pushed up and down by a piston at its base.

The hydraulic lift needs a lot of space, plus a separate machine room. Hydraulic lifts have more consumable elements and will require more maintenance than other types of home lifts, resulting in a further increase in the lift’s long-term price.

Traction Home Elevator Cost

This is typically more expensive than a hydraulic lift and, based on a standard installation, could cost between $55,000 to $65,000. A domestic traction lift moves up and down a lift shaft using cables and a counterweight. This lift has quite high costs associated with maintenance (cables need to be replaced every five years), and it tends not to be such a smooth ride as other lifts.

Vacuum Home Lift Cost

This lift style is self-supporting with the difference in air pressure above and beneath the cab transporting the passenger by air. The user is pulled up to the next floor using pumps and turbines, while the slow-release air pressure floats the lift back down with no pit or hoist required. Vacuum home lift costs start from $35,000.

Non-Hydraulic Home Lift Cost

There is a range of innovative non-hydraulic home lifts which are as functional as they are stylish. The capsule-shaped non-hydraulic home lifts are compact, sleek, and a fine example of engineering excellence.

Unlike a hydraulic, traction, or vacuum lift, the non-hydraulic is much more affordable, with costs starting as low as $30,000, based on a standard installation, including all site preparation work and delivery.

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