The Benefits of Installing a Small House Lift in Your Home

Small house lift installation is no longer only for the elderly or rich and famous. The cost of materials and the unit itself have decreased quite a bit over the past few years and with a lot of innovations in the lift industry, domestic elevators are starting to become a practical addition to homes.


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What are some of the benefits of installing a small house lift?

Custom Small House Lifts Add to Security and Safety

Having a house lift is beneficial for less mobile individuals and small children. It helps to eliminate possible accidents and falls that might occur by going up and down the stairs. Also, it’s possible to limit access to the lift to help guide against unauthorised access to your home.

For those looking to step up their home security game, installing a small house lift could contribute to a more secure residence if utilised as a part of a larger security package. Lifts can be restricted in terms of access so that only authorized people can use them.

Safety and security are two main ingredients in making your home more comfortable. Stairs can be difficult to use and can be dangerous in case of accidents and injuries. Accidents and injuries are truly a concern with the aged and small children.


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Convenience Factor

Most people do not realise that a home lift takes up much less space than standard stairwells. Having one installed can open up more space in your house. Homeowners that choose to invest in installing a house lift can easily increase the total use of surface area of their home, which ultimately helps increase future home resale value.

Also, you could use your new home lift to carry very heavy luggage, groceries, and even young kids without worrying about a strenuous or dangerous climb up the stairs.

Home Lift Functionality

Home lifts can make constant trips, including climbing stairs or moving heavy, bulky items, much easier. This functionality is very noticeable in a home lift setting where lots of trips with household goods, shopping, and changing levels in your home are a daily occurrence, particularly in homes on small blocks that have multiple levels.

Improving your overall mobility is one of the leading benefits of installing home lifts. Of course, those who require greater physical effort to move about their multi-level home after injuries or the elderly will benefit from the lift the most, by eliminating much of the stress and usual exertion of moving around your home or moving objects.

A home lift takes up much less space than standard stairwells! 


Home Lifts Increase Home Property Values

Installing a small house lift can add significant resale value to your home, making home lift installation a profitable investment. Many of your prospective home buyers will gravitate toward homes featuring home lift access for the ‘cool factor’, as well as the extra ease of mobility.
Why? Because lots of home buyers are looking to the future where accessibility may become an issue for them if their mobility diminishes. Even if you are not currently getting benefits from every mobility aspect of the home lift, it can significantly increase your home’s resale value over time.
Homebuyers are looking for ways to age in place, which means making mobility upgrades and home improvements through remodeling that help them maintain a certain level of comfort and mobility throughout their older years.

Make a Home Style Statement

Installing a small house lift will also add that air of overall sophistication and style to your home. The large variety of available lift designs means that there is a look to suit every homeowner’s taste and match your home décor.

There are various designs and styles available such brushed stainless-steel frames and polished glass walls, or even more classic looks with amazing wood veneers and brushed nickel.
Even if you have a bedroom on the main level of your home, the upper floor needs your attention over time, and you want to have quick and easy access to all areas of your home.

Why use us?

Aging does not have to prevent you from going up and down your stairway when you can have a lift installed by Quality Home Lifts, Sydney. With one of these house lifts, you will enjoy all the added benefits that come with it.

From the initial consultation, planning, installation and maintenance, the company have the skills and experience to deliver the kind of home lift you will be proud of.

The small house lift has long since been viewed as a symbol of luxury, and that still holds true today; but with the reduced costs of materials, construction, and installation, you can get a house lift at a decent rate.

Contact Quality Home Lifts Sydney today for a conversation about installing a small house lift in your home.

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