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Residential Lifts Milsons Point Sydney 

Residential Lifts Milsons Point – A stylish, custom designed, whisper quiet, residential lift provided by Quality Home Lifts, is available right now for your multi-storey Milsons Point home.  Quality Home Lifts will quote, design, customise, install, and maintain your lift.  We know what you want from your new residential lift.  We’ve listened, we’ve learned and we’ve delivered what Milsons Point wants.  Here are a few of the things we know Milsons Point wants – see if you agree! and, if you don’t, let us know and we’re on to it. 

Milsons Point, you want the touch points of your lift to exude luxury  

We’ve got you there.  Our control panels are customisable.  Floor control buttons are pleasant to the touch.  Our 7” touch screen (these are so cool!) is full colour and provides a wealth of information to the user.  Our grab rails are curved brushed aluminium – custom colours available.  The optional tip up seat is solid wood.   The in-lift telephone is quality and feels solid in the hand.   

Milsons Point you want a soft and quiet ride.  

In particular, our Iconic lift is incredibly quiet.  You’ll be hard pressed to find a quieter residential lift on the market.  The traction drive system is to credit here.  This is priceless when arriving home at odd hours or ducking out for an early morning walk, jog, ride or swim.  Quality Home Lifts clients all appreciate the soft start and stop mechanism of our lifts.  The others just can’t match this level of class and sophistication.

All of our lifts have multiple fail-safe systems built in

Milsons Point you want peace of mind with your residential lift.

Quality Home Lifts have you covered there.  All of our lifts are backed by the two things you need.  A dedicated aftersales team who know their products is one.  The other is builtin safety systems.  All of our lifts have multiple failsafe systems built in.  In-lift telephones, overspeed protection, safe emergency lowering, diagnostic fault code information at your fingertips and backup batteries are all included to ensure you and your loved ones are safe in your residential lift.    

Milsons Point you should really call Quality Home Lifts today if you’re thinking about a residential lift.  Get one of our knowledgeable, helpful team members out for an obligation free quote. No seriously, call us today and find out why our customers refer us to their friends!

Quality Residential Lifts Milsons Point

Email us today for and look at your in home mobility options. It will change your life!

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