Residential Lift Dimensions: 5 Things to Consider

With residential lift dimensions reducing the size of the elevator footprint and lift prices declining over time, homeowners are finding it easier to consider residential lifts a viable solution to increase accessibility throughout their house.

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Installing a residential lift can ensure complete accessibility and help future-proof your home, making a lift a great long-term investment. Indeed, recent research has shown that a home lift can boost a property’s value by up to 25%.

Things you should consider:

Does your home have enough space?

Although the footprint of home elevators has reduced in recent years, the fact that a lift still needs a significant space for installation cannot be neglected. A common mistake you want to avoid is to not check the residential lift dimensions, which lead to complications later.

For the lift installation, you need a proper floor plan and design so that your lift is not limited to certain parts of your house. A suitable place should be chosen for installation and structural and electrical elements will also need careful consideration.

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The space requirements and residential lift dimensions are can by an issue when you add a lift to your existing home. In this case, you may have to make some site modifications and make space for the lift to provide access to the entire home, ensuring the integrity of your homes’ aesthetics.

Also, residential lifts need sufficient structural support for the shaft way and an additional area for the machine closet. So you must ensure that your home has enough suitable space for the lift to be installed without involving any major modifications.

Choosing the Right Lift Design

Deciding on the right residential lift dimensions means making sure it fits in with the homes’ existing décor or structure. A glass lift can blend seamlessly with its surroundings and remain hidden in the home’ overall interior design. This is usually a popular option amongst homeowners who do not wish for their décor to be interrupted by the lift.

Because there are so many different interior tastes, and each home will have its own style, having a lift that can be tailored to complement the design and user’s needs matters. A custom home lift can match any contemporary or traditional design, while offering homeowners the ability to move more freely in their own home.


Find the Right Contractor

Installing a home lift needs experience and good workmanship. That is one of the reasons to find a reputable lift installation company in Australia. Look for a lift company with a great track record with their customers and a solid understanding of residential lift dimensions. The lift company should have their own insurance and guarantee the work.

Finally, you must ensure that the chosen contractor signs a written contract that offers regular maintenance visits. It is important to have your home lift inspected regularly.

Just like any home improvement products, home lifts come in a range of prices depending on your needs and wants.


Your first thought might be that residential lifts are too expensive! Just like any home improvement products, home lifts come in a range of prices depending on your needs and wants.

The lift company can assess your situation and help you set a fixed budget for your project. You can choose a simple model with the right residential lift dimensions and basic safety features at an affordable price or choose an advanced model with luxurious features that will cost more. Always look for factors such as features, durability, maintenance requirements and safety requirements.

Maintenance Requirements

When you are considering maintenance requirements, you should focus on the lift company. You need to find out if they provide regular maintenance services or not. If they do, learn about their process.

The company should provide a maintenance contract when you buy the lift from them. Also, it is important to have in mind that regular maintenance plays a big role in the safety provided by a lift.

Quality Home Lifts Sydney provides a wide range of residential lift dimensions that are useful for various needs, can fit in any home and match any existing architecture and décor. From the initial consultation through to installation and maintenance, QHL have the skills and experience to deliver the kind of home lift you will be proud of. The friendly team at QHL Sydney are standing by to answer all your questions today.

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