4 Residential Lift Facts: Creating mobility in your Home

How can a residential lift help fix mobility problems?

If you are currently suffering from severe, long-lasting, temporary, or permanent mobility conditions, you might be confined to a wheelchair. We know how frustrating this could be, especially if you are used to breezing around from point A to point B.

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Accessibility Equipment Providing Comfort and Convenience

Although confinement to a wheelchair could frustratingly slow things down, innovative home advancements such as residential lifts could help make the entire process a lot easier and more convenient.

Just like with stair lifts and platform lifts, residential lifts are an ideal fit in modern houses; they also increase the value of a house while at the same time helping ease the mobility of the seniors and persons with disabilities. Furthermore, these kinds of lifts are convenient, noiseless, and very easy to use and operate.



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What are Residential Lifts

Residential lifts could offer increased mobility and help prevent the isolation that a senior citizen or handicapped individual often experiences when living in a multi-level or even just a two-story home.

These lifts are wonderful home mobility assistant that is sometimes a necessity to install in a two-story or multi-level house, that make it viable for the elderly or disabled to move and manoeuvre themselves easily, safely, and securely between the floors of their homes.

Even caregivers love residential lifts, too! These lifts offer an efficient and easy way for caregivers to conveniently and adequately provide for the elderly and for those who are physically disabled.

Benefits of Residential Lifts

Home Lifts = In Home Freedom


Residential lifts give the elderly and disabled even more freedom to access other areas of their home. Moreover, lift owners are provided with more flexibility, which means that they can stay in their home for a lot more years than they would have had they not had an easy and convenient way to reach from floor to floor.

This is especially substantial to the elderly and those who are physically handicapped, whose only choice without a residential lift would typically be to enter a nursing home or an institution. Now it is possible to transform their existing home to cater to their changing physical needs.

Convenience to move freely from level to level

Residential lifts are likewise convenient to people who utilise them for other purposes, like transporting items and goods from floor to floor. This could include luggage, recreational equipment, laundry loads, and even groceries and food.
Why heave items up and down the stairs, endangering your neck and back, not to mention the heavy toll (no pun intended) on your time, when you can just conveniently use a residential lift?
This is particularly true for older Australians who just don’t have the dexterity they had to access all the parts of their homes. Aside from the mobility and dexterity issues are the pain of arthritis and back problems.

Home lifts are Economical and Practical

Home and property owners who are confined in a wheelchair could live on their own using a residential lift – even without the help from their friends, family, or a hired home health care worker or caregiver.

This saves them time, as a lot of them are adult children of elderly parents who likewise have their own family and jobs to worry about. It saves the home or property owner money because they do not have to hire a home health care worker’s services to help wheel them around the house.

Increased Value

As we have previously mentioned, residential lifts also enhance the curb appeal of any property. Thanks to the variety of styles available, these lifts mix in perfectly with new or existing homes.
Also, the elevator panels and lighting are customisable to match the interior décor of the residence.
Factors to Consider

Small residential lifts are easy to use

Your Home

Prior to having a residential lift installed in your home, you have to think about the general layout of your house. Is your house small or big? Could the foundation of your home support a residential lift? These are a few of the questions that home and property owners should answer before fitting any lift in their home.

Lift Load Capacity

The load capacity of your preferred residential lift is also a vital factor that you should consider before buying a residential lift. To identify your needed load capacity, think through whether the lift must hold an unaided wheelchair user, as well as the number of passengers that would occupy it in one trip.

Small residential lifts are easy to use

You must also choose a residential lift that is easy to use. Its features should be simple enough to understand. Moreover, the lift should be easy to control. A lot of elderly persons might take a while before knowing how to operate a more complex lift.
Safety and Security

With safety and security being the most important concern for residential lifts, it is crucial to make sure that the lifts could accommodate the weight of the passengers. Hence, they should always be evaluated for the max capacity to avoid accidents after the lift installation. Lifts must likewise have fully functional alarm systems, just in case they break down and immediate help is required.


Always set a budget and stay within its limits. Since there is a myriad of choices for residential lifts ranging in various price quotes, you have to make sure that you stay strictly within budget. Going over budget might actually use up your resources and not serve its intended purpose. Prioritise your need instead vs aesthetics.

Buying Tips for Residential Lifts

Before buying a residential lift, choose the most reputable residential lift companies to get the lift installation requirements as well as the specs for your home.

Likewise, it is a great idea to consult with experienced and highly skilled installers and technicians to ensure that you are choosing the right type of residential lift in your house, particularly if you require a more complex system.
It would help if you likewise considered this choice with a physical therapist or a doctor, who could provide professional advice to your current situation.

Secure and comfortable, and easy to control; these are what makes an ideal residential lift. The lift you decide to have installed must be one that is sensitive to individual considerations.

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