Personal Lifts – The Clever Addition to Your Home

Until recently, personal lifts were considered an extreme luxury or a medical necessity required for the sick or elderly. These perceptions have been broken down lately and with the decrease in equipment and installation costs, home lifts are enjoying a surge in popularity.

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Let’s take a look at the top six reasons you will benefit from installing a personal lift in your home.


Lifts can play an important part in simplifying life by minimising the repetitive task of climbing stairs. For most Australian homeowners, carrying heavy items up and down the stairs every day can be a tiresome experience.

With personal lifts, moving heavy and bulky objects becomes easier and creates extra time in your day. For people who have mobility issues, the lifts can be a way for them to enjoy moving around their home with ease and offering some ongoing independence.

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Saves on Space

Home lifts take up much less space than the standard stairwell allowing you to take some of your home space back. This is largely because the shaft housing the lift takes up only a small amount of room. In some cases, the lift can even be installed outside on an external wall, providing an indoor entry at each level.

A home lift is an investment that will reap benefits long into the future.

Increases the Property Value

Personal lifts act as a profitable investment for many, increasing the homes’ resale value. You will find that most prospective home buyers today are easily attracted to homes accessible by lifts as many property buyers already look to the future accessibility of a home. Very much a desired point of difference in your selling favour.

Peace of Mind

One of the most significant benefits of installing a personal lift is the safety it provides. A home lift installation is especially helpful to older, more frail people and children who may find it challenging moving up the stairs. They reduce the chances of common accidents such as falling down the stairs or tripping over stair rails.


With personal lifts becoming more affordable and popular, many Australian homeowners use them to add a stylish and unique characteristic to their home. As mentioned, a home lift is an investment that will reap benefits long into the future and you might just be the first home in your street to showcase this growing trend.

Future-Proofing Your Home

By choosing to install a home mobility platform you can make sure that your home is ready for the future. Circumstances and situations change as we get older. So why not prepare for the future? By adding a lift to your home today, you will guarantee the functionality of your family home for years to come. Why wait until you are finding it difficult to get up and down the staircase? Put everything in place now, enjoy the luxury and style that personal lifts bring, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your future is taken care of.

An excellent option to consider

The benefits mentioned above are just a handful of the many reasons to install a home lift. From making sure that your house is safe, to adding a splash of luxury to your home, a home elevator is an excellent option to consider. Personal lifts are no longer only the domain of the affluent, and more and more homeowners are understanding the value they can provide. With all the benefits of a personal lift, it’s time for you to follow this trend and install one in your home. With Quality Home Lifts Sydney, it is more affordable than ever to own your own personal lift now.

Quality Home Lifts Sydney provides a range of personal residential lifts for homes. Their experienced team will install your new home lift, ensuring all safety standards are met. If you have any questions about getting this type of lift installed, please feel free to contact Quality Home Lifts Sydney today. Our experienced teams will give you peace of mind over the course of the installation. All our team members are professionals who will make you feel at ease during the entire process.

Our experienced and qualified team are ready to help you design personal lifts for your home today.

Call us now and explore the many options available to you.

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