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Peakhurst, one of Sydney’s bluest collar suburbs is finding new admirers for its excellent value and abundance of space. 

‘Not so freaky Peaky’ is undergoing somewhat of a transformation of late.  You’ll see less of the weatherboard wonders from decades ago and more and more modern dwellings. 

Homes Lifts Peakhurst

If you live in Peakhurst and you have a multi-storey dwelling, you’d better give Quality Home Lifts a call.  Older houses that value space and have a proper backyard are gold mines this close to the Sydney CBD.  Keep the Peakhurst backyard, keep the pets and keep living the outdoor life. 

Your home should have a home lift to maximise your lifestyle and multiply your resale potential.  We have the experience to make our home lifts integrate seamlessly with your new facelift. 

Don’t forget the added safety benefits our home lifts bring to Peakhurst.  The ability to park your car in your garage and move yourself and your belongings instantly into your home lift is incredibly reassuring.  Forget walking up external stairs that are wet, dark and dangerous. 

Think more – ‘Honey, I’m home!’ stepping out of your expertly installed home lift, dry, safe and relaxed.  Quality Home Lifts Sydney can make this your reality.  

We work with your architect and builder to bring the home lift revolution to your new build in Peakhurst

Building your Peakhurst Dream Home

If your Peakhurst dream is a brand new dwelling, we really should be on board from the beginning.  The idea of building a multi-dwelling property like a town house makes excellent economic sense – especially in Peakhurst

The team at Quality Home Lifts are experienced in working with new builds.  We work with your architect and builder to bring the home lift revolution to your new build.  

The appeal of a new property with a home lift is obvious.  This is true for you, the owner, and also potential tenants.  Separate your new build from the others with a home lift.  Give yourself the advantage that so many Sydney tenants are now enjoying – and dare we say it – demanding, in their residences.   

If you’re refreshing your Peakhurst dream or building it, call our administration team at Quality Home Lifts to get the get the ball rolling.  You will be happy you did!

Quality Home Lifts Peakhurst

Email us today for and look at your in home mobility options. It will change your life!

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