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Matraville is a Sydney suburb infused with ANZAC history, the first cottage at the settlement being completed in 1919. The proud Matraville Soildier’s Settlement Public School is surrounded by roads named for the battlefields of World War I. The noise of this bustling centre brings back memories of yesteryear juxtaposed by the quiet of the Matraville homes, the only pervasive noisethe stomping feet on the stairs inside!  

Quality Home Lifts Matraville

Quality Home Lifts can help reclaim the peace inside your home by offering a solution: a home lift. These lifts silently carry you and members of your family to other levels of the house while adding an increased value to the property. It goes without saying, not only are home lifts quiet, they also make the interior of your home look like a million dollars and with the technology rapidly increasing nowadays, that’s a good thing. 

Smart House in Matraville

Smart houses… a rather funny thought, isn’t it? But with the smart phone and other smart devices rapidly increasing in technological advancement, ‘smart houses’ have become a reality; and our Quality Home Lifts certainly fit into this category. It will not be long before potential buyers start looking at homes with an expectation of smart technology integrated. At the rate technology is advancing, you would gain a lot by getting in front of this on-coming trend sooner rather than later.

A Matraville smart house with a home lift is your mobility solution!

Safety first in Matraville

Safety is another important topic to consider…ever fallen down a set of stairs? The physical bruises last almost as long as the bruised ego that we Australians are known for. As we get older though, stairs just don’t seem as safe as they used to. Stairs are almost always overlooked in home risk assessments, even though falls account for 15% of external causes of death in Australia

Matraville for life

In Matraville, adding a home lift in your home could be a literal lifesaver. Home lifts don’t only protect your family members from stairway accidents but also offer safety and security. Foolproof alarming systems, enhanced lighting and easy accessibility are all incorporated into the final product, which our team of professionals install for you.  

Feeling unsafe is as bad as being unsafe, we all know that. Regardless of a person’s mobility you want to ensure they have access to, and are welcomed into, your home. Adding a home lift enables this exactly. Renting out your home is good way to earn extra income and adding a lift not only increases the rental rate, but it also increases the number of people who are able to comfortably reside in your home.  

Quality Home Lifts Matraville

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